Digital chapbooks of prose poems.

White Knuckle Press
 is a publisher of digital chapbooks, brought to you by some of the people behind Right Hand Pointing.

Submission Guidelines:

We seek chapbook manuscripts of 10-12 prose poems, typically no longer than 101 words each, for digital publication.

Manuscripts should be submitted as either a Word (.doc) file or a rich text file (.rtf) attached to an e-mail that serves as your cover letter. Do not send a .pdf file. Be sure to provide contact information.

The manuscript should contain a title page, a table of contents, and a brief author's bio. It should also include a statement of artistic or writing philosophy. If your manuscript is accepted for publication, this will serve as the introduction. Each prose poem should be on its own separate page. It isn't necessary for the prose poems to form a series or sequence, but a common theme or style or structure would be a plus.

We would prefer prose poems that are previously unpublished. If any of the poems have been published, include an acknowledgment page with the manuscript. Please don't send manuscripts unless most of the poems are unpublished.

Our definition of prose poem leans more toward poetry than prose. We appreciate energy, daring, humor (particularly of the black or ironic kind), and freshness. We admire the prose poems of Rimbaud, Elke ErbRussell Edson, and Charles Simic

For us, prose poems do not include line breaks. We say that because we get a number of submissions of poems with line breaks. We don't consider those for this publication.

NOTE:  We have received a number of submissions of poems which aren't prose poems.  
We're only looking for prose poems.  
We gotta fever, and the only cure is prose poems.
If we offer to publish your work, we reserve the right to set some conditions. For example, we occasionally suggest new titles. We will consult and collaborate with the author on the title and the design, but we reserve the right to make the final decision regarding these. In the event that an author finds the title and design unacceptable, he or she may withdraw his or her work at any time. That said, our goal is always to end up with a presentation of your work that makes you proud.

We announce digital chapbooks via the Right Hand Pointing/White Knuckle email list, which has 1800 members as of Feb 2016. Subscribe hereWe'll also post it on our Facebook pages.

We read manuscripts in this six-month period: June-November. If you are visiting us outside our reading period, you may go ahead and submit and expect to hear back from us after we start our reading period in June. Or you can make a note to submit during the reading period. Thanks!

White Knuckle seeks chapbook manuscripts of 10-12 prose poems for digital publication. See full guidelines at

Your White Knuckle Editors are Dale Wisely & Howie Good.